Temporary surcharge applied to Industrial products

Oslo, September 24, 2021:  The President of Yara Industrial Solutions, Jorge Noval, has stated that further to the announcement on September 17th regarding the curtailment of ammonia production due to increased natural gas prices, Yara reiterates its commitment to continuing supplies wherever possible.

However, to secure the continued supply of key products for our Industrial Customers in Europe, we need to implement a temporary surcharge on the sales prices of the following products:

  • NH3 +200 EUR/ton
  • Urea +180 EUR/ton
  • Nitric Acid +60 EUR/ton

For our Air1 – AdBlue® by Yara end-product, the surcharge equates to 58 EUR/ton, equivalent to EUR 6,3c per liter.

“We are committed to maintaining reliable supplies to our customers wherever possible. These temporary price surcharges are necessary to cover costs,” says Noval.

There will also be a temporary suspension of all minimum take-or-pay and exclusive supply obligations.

The above measures will take effect as per October 1st, 2021 and remain in place until further notice. Yara will continue to monitor the situation closely and review the above measures on a monthly basis.

High-quality industrial products, delivered quickly and safely

Base chemicals have been at the core of our business for over 100 years. When you work with us, you benefit from the expertise we have gained over that time.

Our manufacturing process

In our manufacturing process, we produce Ammonia with a gas base reacted with nitrogen from the air. We then use the Ammonia to produce our Technical Urea and Nitric Acid, which have applications across many industries.

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Why you can rely on Yara

If you choose Yara as your nitrogen chemicals supplier, you will: 

  • Never run out of the chemicals you need thanks to our world-class production capacity of 30 plants and terminals around the world.
  • Get what you need, when you need it – our reliable supply chain ensures Technical Urea, Ammonia and Nitric Acid reach your site on time.
  • Be assured of safe delivery and storage – our deliveries are made by trained professionals, and we also inspect your facilities to ensure your storage and unloading facilities meet all safety regulations.
  • Get expert help from local teams – we’re based all around the world and ready to speak with you about your requirements.


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Looking for safety data sheets (SDS)?

The safety data sheets for our products are produced in accordance with current regulations and outline the risks associated with the use of our chemicals.

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