Profitability for the farmer

The most important goal for us is to help the farmer increase the profitability of his farm. Better nutrition management will increase plant health and hence the productivity. Some farmer testimonials can illustrate this.

Joel Cárcamo Espinosa makes a living growing and processing coffee at his 5-hectare orchard in Cuautempan-Puebla, Mexico.

Joel Cárcamo Espinosa“With an organic system (no use of mineral fertilizers), yields weren't more than 4.5 cherry tons/ha. Today, yields are over 14 tons/ha. They have been increasing since 2010 (8.4 cherry tons/ha). Not only has yield increased, but also crop health, less fruit drop and better quality of cups of coffee.”

These results encouraged Joel to renovate the orchard and start processing coffee to sell to local markets. “Normally, 250 kg of coffee cherry fruit converts into 46 kg of green beans (unroasted coffee), but with the Yara nutritional program, you get the same amount of green beans from just 230 kg of fruit!” 


Mohammadu Nindow is a smallholder maize grower in the northern region of Ghana. The introduction to YaraMila Actyva changed his life and he has been an enthusiastic Yara customer ever since.   

Mohammadu NindowWhat was your situation like before you learned about the benefits of YaraMila Actyva?
“I had nearly stopped farming. I used to sell some of my animals to pay for loans that I took out for farming every year, because yields were becoming too low - as low as 5 bags per acre. This could not even offset the cost of production."

What makes Yara stand out from other fertilizer producers? 
“Yara gives me the knowledge of how to plant and how to apply the fertilizer. So, I have seen the difference from the other fertilizer companies. I realized that only Yara people came to our communities to educate us.It was a Yara demonstration that gave me renewed faith that maize yields could actually get higher.” 

What do you think about the Yara Actyva fertilizer?
“I’m known around here as Papa Actyva, because I married Yara Actyva fertilizer as my wife! That’s why they call me Papa Actyva! Today, I don't have to take out loans in order to farm. I am able to harvest about 15 bags of maize per acre. I save enough to take care of my children's school fees and medical bills. I also have a new apartment befitting my old age and a motorbike to roam around the village. And I give 'Zakat' (alms) to the poor every year."