"Vita" is derived from the Old Norse word "vita," meaning knowledge.

YaraVita fertilizer is a complete line of nutrient products that ensure crops get everything they need and that growers gain more from optimally performing crops. The range includes foliar sprays and plant biostimulants, as well as fertilizer and seed coatings.

YaraVita products are an essential part of an integrated crop nutrition solution for farmers who want to increase efficiency and enhance crop performance. Each YaraVita formulation supplies the right nutrients and/or bioactive compound at the most effective rate and at the right time during the growing season. The YaraVita product portfolio is categorized into 3 groups.

Specialized Nutrition and Biostimulants for enhanced crop peformance

Nutrient efficiency

Efficient nutrient release


Safe for crop and user

Quality product

Superior handling


Superior quality