At Yara we work to improve livelihoods and peoples’ lives. We apply knowledge to address global challenges and when we succeed, society is better off.

Our company was founded in 1905 as a solution for the European famine that swept over the continent in the early part of the 20th century.  Since then, we have continuously developed solutions that improve and increase global food production in a sustainable way.  Through this expertise, we have also managed to create additional environmental solutions that reduce harmful emissions.

Global challenges are real and will not vanish on their own. Climate change is affecting our way of life. The world’s population continues to increase. We have more mouths to feed, limited land to farm and less resources to draw upon.

At Yara, we believe in meeting these challenges head on. There is no trade-off between building a profitable business and solving global challenges. But both companies and governments must do their part. Together we make a difference, and our mission, vision and values embody Yara’s spirit and DNA.

Watch this two-minute video to get a feel for what drives us at Yara.

Our mission

Responsibly feed the world and protect the planet

Our mission is our reason to exist. It defines our company’s purpose and role in the world and is balanced between three core ideas.  Feeding the world  embodies knowledge, economic empowerment and new innovative ideas.  Protecting the planet represents our commitment to emission abatement and sustainable agricultural practices.  At Yara we believe that success can be celebrated only when it is achieved in the right way.

We believe knowledge grows and has the power to create positive global change. We understand that knowledge helps feed the world, creates profitable businesses, and protects the planet at a time when the population is expanding and our resources are increasingly challenged. 

Our vision

A collaborative society; 
a world without hunger; 
a planet respected.

Our founders faced and overcame the greatest food challenge of their time. With collaboration and curiosity, they combined and grew their knowledge to help save the lives of millions of people.

Our vision for the world is based upon ensuring a sustainable future. A collaborating community that overcomes cultural, environmental and economic barriers to create solutions that will lead to a world free from hunger and a planet respected.

Our values

Ambition value spiral
Performing above expectations, taking initiative and constantly working in line with Yara's ambitions and personal goals.
Curiosity value
Asking bold, brave questions; curiosity is the lifeblood of our culture. It is curiosity that builds knowledge and it’s the power of inquiry that led Yara’s three remarkable founders to head off an impending famine in the early 20th century.
Collaboration spiral
Working together with mutual respect, partnership, and appreciation of all perspectives and approaches. The art of collaboration - both internally within Yara and externally with the rest of the world - amplifies our collective knowledge.
Accountability spiral
Being reliable, taking responsibility and always having Yara's and society's interests in mind when faced with tough decisions. Through accountability trust is earned.