Prepare and prevent, don't repair and repent

We want to protect what is most important to us and to do that we must prepare for everything. We cannot ignore the potential threat of unwelcome action by external parties, which may affect our people and our organization. Being a global work-family spread throughout 160 countries, we are highly sensitive to risk. Ultimately, our emergency preparedness comes down to these three steps:


Yara employees preparing for emergency

We have significantly strengthened our work to prevent emergencies from ever happening. This is a continuous process to ensure we have an updated view on current and possible risks.

Our work is focused on establishing and implementing emergency response and security requirements. We train our co-workers and develop the right routines on how to act in emergencies so that their wellbeing is ensured. We never compromise on safety and security.

Mitigating actions

Yara employee implementing mitigating actions on an ipad

There are some events we cannot prevent, such as natural disasters. To decrease the impact of such an event, we constantly work towards eliminating or reducing potential consequences.

We are working towards creating response plans for all conceivable emergencies. These plans are based on requirements set by Yara international, with valuable input from managers from all units, and with a primary focus to protect our people, environment and assets from harm.


Yara employee managing emergency

In times of emergency, one needs firm guidance. For those situations, we have a crisis management team ready to support our employees and protect our organization.

Our crisis management team also monitor worldwide risks at any time to further support our coworkers and our business interests in case of urgent needs. By having a full management team on the case, we get a clearer picture of both past, present and surfacing risks.


Man on silo steps

We continuously monitor worldwide security situations to understand and implement mitigating measures to lower our exposure to risks.

As a chemical company, we must recognize that our products could be misused. By implementing security measures and reporting channels for suspicious activity we can reduce the risk of illicit use of our solutions. Further, our presence across the globe results in business travels to the same regions. This means our employees are often faced with unfamiliar environment, and to protect our coworkers from health and security issues, we have established a 24-7 support system to help prepare and respond to potential risks. 

Safety first!

we never compromise on safety