Staying safe and healthy in Yara

We have a responsibility to keep our employees and contractors safe. When we reinforced our journey towards zero accidents we created a whole new safety program unlike anything in our industry.

Two Yara plant workers laughing

How we make sure everyone stays safe

We have always focused on training our staff and making sure everyone follows standards, rules and guidelines. The big difference now is emotional engagement. Building a safety culture requires ownership and pride in committing to our ambition of zero injuries.

We create this engagement through ambitious safety leadership, employee and contractor engagement and competence building - all designed to convey our vision.  We expect all employees and contractors to adhere to our safety principles (pdf, 0.1MB), as they are the cornerstone of our safety initiative. 


Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) - measured per 1 million working hours - is an industry standard for fatalities, lost time injuries, cases restricted for work and cases of substitute work due to injury. By sharing our numbers, we want to be transparent in our journey towards zero injuries. 

Here is the development in Yara of Total Recordable injuries and number of employees:

Year 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Hours worked - Coworkers 29,016,687 30,124,668 31,110,514 31,484,932 31,422,601 33,818,462
Hours Worked - Contractors 18,050,823 20,749,776 27,953,021 33,662,155 25,396,816 22,809,579
Accidents 121 88 81 91 75 56
TRI rate 2.57 1.73 1.37 1.39 1.32 1.0


accidents - that's our goal

through hands-on leadership, better use of existing safety tools, increased coworker ownership and engagement

Safe by Choice

Yara employees checking each others gear

Through excellent performance we aim to guarantee a high level of safety for our employees, contractors and neighbors.

Safe by Choice is the name Yara has given to its journey towards zero injuries. We strongly believe that all injuries are preventable, that zero is possible by nurturing a strong culture of safe operational practices.

Safe by Choice emphasizes that operating safely is an active choice. This cannot be left to chance and that is why Safe by Choice has been rolled out to every team member worldwide. Not only does this apply for people, but for our products and processes as well. 

Read more about our Safe by Choice journey (pdf, 5.2 MB)

Protecting our people

Yara employees smiling and wearing protective gear

We believe that all accidents are preventable. Our health and safety team ensures everyone stays safe by establishing goals and standards and by monitoring the use of our Health and Safety tools.

A strong and sustainable safety culture is only achievable when employees and contractors are engaged. Systematic training is organized to identify hazards, manage associated risks, and to respond to emergencies. We encourage everyone to report accidents, near misses and hazardous conditions, always looking for learnings and improvements.

Safety leadership translates into visible line managers who never compromise on safety and do frequent safety walks ensuring that agreed standards are understood and applied.

Protecting our final product

Two Yara employees pointing up, probably talking about production safety

It’s our responsibility to ensure that all our products are safe and meet our high standards.

Our managers and safety teams work constantly to ensure that every aspect of our production, storage, handling and product stewardship are in compliance with international regulations and our own safety guidelines. We do this through frequent inspections, clear guidelines and by never compromising on product quality..

Read more about our product stewardship (pdf, 1.65MB)

Protecting our processes

Yara employees handling a Yara bag

At Yara we consider good process safety performance the foundation for our license to operate, with the final objective of guaranteeing – for all workers and neighboring communities – minimum exposure to the risks generated by our processes.

It all starts by systematically applying past experience and engineering expertise to develop safe process design. This combined with a high level of process knowledge and competency allows our operators and technicians to safely operate and maintain our manufacturing processes, loading/unloading and storage facilities.

Read more about Process Safety (pdf, 1 MB)