Treating everyone fairly and responsibly is the only way to success

Farmer and agronomist with big bags of fertilizer

Serve our own good or the best interest of society? Most companies face this question every day. Our answer is - both!

We believe it's the only way to reach success. We work constantly to uphold our commitment to doing business fairly and responsibly.

Our key commitments and opinions

We are inspired and driven by global efforts to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. International sustainability initiatives and guidelines are the benchmark minimum for our performance.

Get the insights on carbon footprints for fertilizers

Farmer in barley field, Germany

Our low-carbon fertilizers and best farming practices can help to reduce the carbon footprint from crop production significantly while maintaining yields. We calculate carbon footprints for our products to enable better decision-making and lower greenhouse gas emissions from farming.

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Don't forget product stewardship

Farmer applying fertilizer to chili plants

Product stewardship is often overlooked by our followers, but shapes the way we work to protect human health and the environment. Our operations are certified and regularly audited to standards for product stewardship. Independent audits provide evidence that we take proper care from product development and the purchase of raw materials, through production, storage and distribution, to sales, delivery and usage.

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