More food to end hunger

Our vision is a world without hunger. This will require sustainable intensification of agriculture, along with investments and collaboration.

Farmers picking tomatoes

The world already produces enough food to offset hunger, but still more than 800 million people go hungry. Achieving food security requires enough nutritious food available at affordable prices, at any time - wherever people live. We have to improve agricultural productivity and farm performance, particularly in the regions most wanting of food. And we have to do so sustainably, not jeopardizing the food security of generations to come.

Growing more food, sustainably

Mineral fertilizers are essential to achieving food security: half the food consumed today originates from the use of fertilizers.

We can help optimize fertilizer application, to gain more yields through a balanced crop nutrition approach. Our crop nutrition solutions consist of application knowledge and precision farming tools, optimizing resource efficiency and farm profitability, while limiting emissions. Our nitrate-based low carbon fertilizers are highly effective and can reduce GHG emissions associated with fertilizer use for crop production by half.

Partnering for farm performance

We invest in R&D and innovation, which adds to our century long experience in production and application of mineral fertilizers. This enables our global network of agronomists to partner with farmers to improve farm performance – economically and environmentally.

We also partner with large crop buyers to help them increase yields, improve crop quality and reduce the environmental footprint of the crops.

Partnering for positive change

A collaborative society is part of Yara’s vision. We believe partnerships are critically important to achieving positive change at the scale we need to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris agreement.

We are expanding our business while taking part in dialogue and partnership initiatives to spur agricultural development and inclusive growth. Attracting partners, donors, investors and governments to collaborative efforts, we have worked together to establish innovative projects and concepts such as:

  • African agricultural growth corridors to drive rural development and economic growth by improving infrastructure, access to inputs and credits for farmers
  • The Farm to Market Alliance, with the World Food Program as leading partner in a public-private sector led consortium seeking to transform food value chains in emerging markets